Relativity in day-to-day life

If you are chasing something believe me you too are being chased  ”

This whole world is full of examples and personal experiences, a mix of sweet and sour.

You may like something which i don’t and vice-versa. but the ultimate goal what each of us trying to achieve is ” Happiness and satisfaction” which again are the relative terms.

so what is the common ground that make everyone happy and satisfying ?

complacency and theory of relativity, i suppose. But this theory of relativity of Great Einstein is to be applied in somewhat different manner.

If you are poor , than there are those who are poorer than you,if you are rich than there are those who are richer than you, you have lost your one of limbs in an accident than there are those who were born without one.

so do not feel yourself to be the chosen one -for the good and for the worst ,you are just one among the many……..